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Weizenbaum Institute - Research Group 11

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The research group examines the relationship between digitalisation and the social impact of academic research. Digitalisation is understood as a change in research and publication processes with the aim of increasing the usefulness of research. THe group supports the Weizenbaum Institute in the design of a research and publication processes and conceptualize an IT-supported research environment. The Weizenbaum Institute will self-reflexively analyse its own research and publication practice and provide the research community (and also the public) with a research data infrastructure and other tools.

Duration: 2018-∞ Keywords: Open Science, Open Access

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AEGIS - Advanced Big Data Value Chain

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AEGIS is an EC H2020 Innovation Action, aiming at creating an interlinked “Public Safety and Personal Security” Data Value Chain, and at delivering a novel platform for big data curation, integration, analysis and intelligence sharing. AEGIS will help EU companies to adopt a more data-driven mentality, extending and/or modifying their individual data solutions and offering more advanced data services (e.g. data cleansing, data integration, semantic data linking) while at the same time attaching value to their datasets and introducing novel business models for the data sharing economy.

Duration: 2016-2019 Keywords: Big Data, Open Data, Data Analytics, Blockchain

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Policy Compass - Opening Policy Horizons

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Policy Compass is an EC co-funded project under the 7th Framework Programme. The project develops an easy-to-use, highly visual and intuitive platform enabling citizens and public officials to easily create, apply, share, embed annotate and discuss causal models, charts and graphs of historical data from trusted open data sources. The final target is to develop methods and tools that facilitate more factual, evidence-based, transparent and accountable policy evaluation and analysis. Policy Compass showcases how open public data, social media, e-participation platforms, fuzzy cognitive maps and argumentation technology can be utilised to provide better tools for understanding the impacts of public policies.

Duration: 2014-2016 Keywords: Open Data, Policy Evaluation, Participation

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European Data Portal

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The European Data Portal is Europe's Linked Data-enabled one-stop-shop for open public sector information. It was launched in 2015 by the European Commission and offers an ecosystem for fostering the manifestation, reuse and quality improvement of Open Data in Europe. As of February 2019, the EDP lists close to 900.000 datasets, in total consisting of about 60 million RDF triples, harvested from 77 data providers. It is a pioneer in adopting the DCAT-AP specification and representing its first reference implementation.

Duration: 2014-2021 Keywords: Open Data, Linked Data

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